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WOD – Thursday, July 30, 2009


WOD – Thursday, July 30, 2009

Team WOD 4

multiply the number you see in front of the event by the number of people on your team

7,500#’s-men / 5000#-ladies…. from below the knees to over your head (arms mostly locked out).  Any weight you want, any way you want.  Each team may have no more than 2 bars.

100 sit ups

1 x 800m run

1 x 400m run

1 x 200m run

same rules as before… but…

*you must run the distance noted and end by returning to the gym.   so you cant do 2 400’s on the 800 course.  But you can do 2 400’s back to back on the 400 course.

*rule change… you can run Zero to all people at the same time or not.  as long as at least someone is working.  So you can run everyone then do other stuff.  Run no one and focus on other stuff.  or split it up however you like as long as at least 1 person is working at the wod.

*rule change… More than 1 person can be working at a time.  If you have a team of 3 and want to make everyone do everything till you die, then do it.  If you want to keep the rotation method, then do it.  As long as all the work is done, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

* you must track your WOD on the white board so you dont under/over due it


post on the board and on the blog:

who’s in your team

Time completed

game time

comments strategy etc


justin - this just happens to be my favorite picture
justin – this just happens to be my favorite picture

He’s struggling with 238# back in September 08

I believe his DL max is 335# now.  so he gets his picture up 2 days in a row




Chad, David, Rob – 6:53

Trudy, Matt, Curtis – 7:19

Justin, Wyndi, Andy – 7:22

Eric, Jamey, Lindsay – 7:56

Larry, Cori, Julie – 8:31

Eric, Laura R – 9:44

Kristin, Melissa, Verity – 10:15

Jennifer, Beth – 13:30

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