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WOD – Monday, July 27, 2009


WOD – Monday, July 27, 2009

Team WOD 1

multiply the number you see in front of the event by the number of people on your team

150 jumping pull ups

130 sit ups

60 38# push press

60 burpee

One person working at a time.  Do these in any order you want, but someone MUST always be working out.  If you are caught not working you will be slapped with a 2min penalty each time.  If you have to pause for breath, then switch with someone.

Do these in any order you want.  just make sure you do this many of these exercises, it doesn’t matter how or in what order.

in each class create 2 teams at a minimum.  Try to put 3 people on each team.  If you have extra folks either create 1 larger or smaller team or add the extra if its only 1 person.


Monday 5:30 currently has 5 folks listed.  they will make 2 teams with 2 and 3 people

the team with 2 folks will do 300JP, 260 situp, 120 PP, 120 burpee

the team with 3 will do 450JP, 390 situp, 180 PP, 180 burpee

the 6:20am class has 10 folks listed.  they will make teams of 3, 3, and 4 people

the teams of 3 will do like the above

the team of 4 will do 600, 520,240,240 rep of each event.

post on the board and on the blog:

who’s in your team

Time completed

Time completed divided by the number of folks in your group (this is your “game time” or time to beat)

u-roar AR... Justin Wyndi Andy

u-roar AR… Justin Wyndi Andy

Results ….

Verity, Larry, Andy = 9:12

Cori, Dave, Geordan = 9:13

Jamey, Robert, Dan = 10:33

Justin, Linda, Rebekah = 10:34

Lindsay, Jayme, Traci = 11:17

Justin, Trudy = 11:36

Jackie, Julie = 12:49

Joel, David B = 13:02

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