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Tisha Goodrich


Tisha Goodrich

Metish 2et LaTisha! She is a hoot! She is 42, lives on a beef cattle farm, and has two boys – Jacob 10, and Jonathon 12. She describes herself as blessed and happy. Her oldest did the kids summer program last year and then moved into CrossFit. Her younger son has diabetes and working out has helped him to manage it. She has been here since August 2015, and has LOST 45 POUNDS! She was concerned coming in here because she said she was a “big girl”. But Andy encouraged her and she tried it…And she has stuck with it! Her farm is in Waleska – 30 minutes away, so she has a long drive to come here, but it’s worth it. The best part of living so far away? –not having neighbors. They can blare their rock and country music as loud as they want to! She said her body likes working out here, but her mind is not exactly on board yet. But she’s working on “changing her mind”. She hates burpees, so she’s doing the 100-day burpee challenge! She’s going after her goat (the thing she hates the most). She used to say “can’t” a lot but that’s all changed now. Coach Josh made her do 2 burpees every time she said it. LOL!! That how we do it here at The Garage! Thanks LaTisha for making me laugh, and any older non-athletes out there looking for a change…come work out with Tisha. You will have fun!

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