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Summer Body Fat Competition


Summer Body Fat Competition

We are starting a 6 week contest this Friday for anyone interested in competing to lose the most “percent body fat.”  Unlike simple weight loss competitions, we are testing to see who can make the greatest change in their overall body fat percentage.  The great thing about body composition is gaining muscle, getting stronger, and generally chasing performance through exercise and proper diet is the BEST way to improve your body composition.  So really just keep crossfitting and dial your diet in and you will be well on your way!!

The competition will have 2 categories.

Category 1)  Most percentage of body fat lost during the 6 weeks.   This is simply the person that loses the most body fat by percentage.  So if you start at 25% and end up at 15% at the end of 6 weeks then you have lost 10%!!!  Which would be fantastic by the way. 

Category 2) Lowest overall body fat.  This category allows the already lean like Bruce and Geordan to have something to shoot for.  The winners is simply the person with the lowest percent body fat.

Depending on how much interest we get there will be a male and female division.


Starting on Friday morning either Wes or Bruce will be available to take your initial measurements.  We will start taking measurements Friday morning and will be available to take measurements up until next Thursday evening so just e-mail us to set up a time. 

In addition Eric has a very impressive machine that will be available at some point during the next week.  We will let everyone know exactly when that will be but it would be a great idea for everyone that can make it to that day to show up.  This will give you 2 measurement methods and lot of extra health data to work on for the next 6 weeks.  We will be inviting Crossfit Canton to join us so hopefully the competition will be stiff and a lot of fun!!

The actual competition will start next Friday, April 23rd and will continue for 6 weeks ending on Friday, June 4th.

The entry for the event will be $5 each.  Good luck and have fun!!!!


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