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Row S2O T2B


Row S2O T2B

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Hold on tight!

This is the last week of hiccups before the new year hits and we go full force. The holidays are almost over and that means people will be making goals and trying to reach them. The good news is that If you are reading this you have most likely already made yours and well on your way. Greet the new faces warmly and smile knowing you have a head start!!

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Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

hit areas of body use in the strength/skill and WOD sections


Ring Rows (Supine (under handed) AMRAP Rest 3min between sets)

The full range of motion is for your thumbs to touch your chest at the top and full lock out at the bottom

These are strict ring rows. Please avoid any hip movement to assist you in getting those last couple extra reps.

If possible start start with your feet propped up and your shoulders directly under the bar.

To scale, drop your feet to the floor or start to walk back to achieve more of an upright position


Row S2O T2B (Time)

500m Row
15 S2O 135/95
30 T2B
15 S2O 135/95
If you are capable of king RX on this, do it! If you scale too much you will not get what you need out of this workout

Cool down

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