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M / T – 5:30am & 6:20am


M / T – 5:30am & 6:20am

It is true that I’m taking this over for a while for Shane.

I am a calendar CZAR.  If you are not signed up on the calendar, then dont expect me to wait for you or have a class.

All joking aside, use the calendar.  If there is no one signed up for class, then I will not plan on being there.  I’ll make an exception this week.

Please use the calendar it is working again.

Currently I only have 1 member, Jayme, signed up for class at 5:30am and then no one for 6:20am.

Oh yeah, NOW you remember what its like to have Angery Andy in the AM.



Please use the calendar!

Get your name on the class you want and remove it (by simply clicking on your name) from the classes you dont want.

You can easily find the classes you are in by the time being BOLDED for you.


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