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Heather Hall


Heather Hall

heather hall (1)For today’s spotlight we have a family trio!
Heather, 25, discovered The Garage by doing an internet search. She came to a few classes by herself and then dragged her mom, Sherrie, and her husband, Bryan, with her. I knew that they would be lots of fun when I overheard mom bragging to her daughter about a heavier deadlift. Nothing better that a little family competition! They come to the 7PM class.
Sherrie is lots of fun! She likes spending time with family and has always been active in sports. She says her daughter is her best friend.
Heather describes herself a lazy introvert. She likes to watch The Walking Dead and sit around. heather hall (2)LOL! I watched her WOD – didn’t look too lazy to me!
Bryan says he’s mostly grumpy and does not like working out, but is a very good cook. (But I did talk to them AFTER the work-out when he was exhausted). Don’t worry Bryan! You are definitely not alone.
All three are here it get into better shape. So glad you found us! Sometimes just walking in the door can be the hardest part. Most of us came in not being able to do anything. But that does not last long! We will check back in with you in three months to hear all about your progress!

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