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CFT – Tuesday, January 15, 2013


CFT – Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CrossFit Total

After a general warm up, you will have the remainder of the hour to find a 1RM in each of the following exercises:

Back Squat



-Your score will be the three maxes added together

– You must perform them in the above order

– After your warm  up sets you will get official attempts at each lift

– You may not go back to an exercise after moving to the next

Compare to: July 17, 2012 [prevpost=13111]


Here are some basic precautions that need to be followed for safety:

1) Don’t be stupid.

Don’t total if you’re injured to the extent that a total will aggravate the problem. This will cost you in at least training time, and possibly time off of work if you’re ultra-stupid.

2) Don’t be greedy.

Learn to recognize the difference between greed and ambition, and be merely ambitious.

3) Don’t be pig-headed.

If your first attempt tells you that you need to lower your second, do so, without a misplaced sense of diminished self-worth. It’s a test, and it’s designed to measure what’s there, not create something that’s not. That’s what training is for.


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