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Barbell Club


Barbell Club

Cinco De Mayo!!!

Come lift with a mustache and a sombrero on!


Here is a perfect example what we mean when we talk about proper bar placement.

Notice the bar is directly over the heel and if you drew a line from the bar to her heels you would find that her body would be evenly displaced in front and behind the line. The equally bisected body ensures there will be no bar drift forwards or backwards and thus no extra stress on your spine. The further something is away from your body the more difficult it is for you to control(think of holding a gallon of milk with an outstretched arm  as oppose to up against your chest). Because of that this position is vital to weightlifting and CrossFit. To achieve this you must have excellent range of motion in not only your hamstrings, but calves, achilles, and thoracic spine. If you can not get into this position it will severely hinder your performance. Taking time to systematically break down your lack of range of motion and fix the issue will give you immediate and observable results. If you don’t know how to do this on your own please ask a coach and they will show you.

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