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A few reminders and updates


A few reminders and updates

– if you are unsafe on a lift, we will stop you so that you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.  Please respect our attempt to make us all safe.  We will then coach you in the proper form.  We will also give you exercises to help train the proper habit.

– We will respect your time by keeping the classes to 1 hour.

– Please respect our time by being on time.  If you are late, jump in when you can.  If the WOD starts without you then you are on your own.

– Spray down your bars, kettle bells, etc

– If you take a water, please drop a dollar in the container.  Or you can bring in a case each month and use 1 a day.

– Stretch after you WOD please

– Don’t drive home if you feel off after a WOD.  Let us know when this happens so we can help you.

– If a member has an issue with a coach or another member, please email ANDY and he will work with you to get it taken care of (anonymously if you want)

– Intensity is what drives our fitness… go hard!

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